Introduction to cultural intelligence (CQ)

Shireen Chua1

1Director of Third Culture Solutions Ltd.

The term cultural intelligence is the new buzzword used across all sectors to mean intercultural competency.  Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as the ability to interact effectively in culturally diverse settings.  It has been scientifically shown to predict readiness and effectiveness to work with people from different cultural backgrounds.  Within the International Student Sector, the development of this capability is critical in all facets of industry.  From marketing, recruitment, pastoral care and the provision of international education, cultural intelligence not only can equip staff but students to increase their performance, relationships and contribution to our globalised world.   Come along to this short workshop that looks at the CQ Tool, and the evidence of how it predicts effectiveness and ultimately performance for individuals and organisations.

Learning Outcome:  To define CQ, and to apply it to the International Student Education and Services Context and to provide a brief introduction to the CQ Tool.


Shireen Chua is the Director of Third Culture Solutions Ltd.  Through her background in research and management of multicultural themes, she completed a research project in her MBA in looking at organisational intercultural competency and specifically culturally intelligent solutions.  She has a training and consulting business that looks to address the diversity with fit-for-purpose solutions.  She is a certified Advanced Cultural Intelligence (CQ) trainer.  She has facilitated workshops for small and large organisations in the area of intercultural competency and cultural intelligence.