The efficacy of on the spot evaluation practice in counselling sessions

Maria Victoria McCarthy1

1 International Students Services Queensland University of Technology, GPO Box 2434 Brisbane Qld. 4001 Australia

“The efficacy of on the spot evaluation practice in counselling sessions” is a workshop that aims to demonstrate how a counsellor can utilise the time in counselling and advice session so that students become their team and partner in evaluating the session.

Examples  of students’ issues and concerns will be presented  through brief  role plays  in order  to re-enact the efficacy  of  “on the spot technique” in seeking students’ feedback in each and every instance.  This workshop will demonstrate how simple feedback questioning technique can highlight students’ awareness and abilities in self navigating their way to problem solutions.

This workshop will also demonstrate how an “action plan  review”  can be utilised in  a typical counselling session to clarify  matters for both the counsellor and the student thereby avoiding potential misunderstanding that can happen in counselling.

All the workshop participants will be requested to team up in role plays and discussions.  Interested  workshop participants will be encouraged to write their reflections  and   brief  summary of  this workshop’s  experience.  The facilitator will then consolidate the write ups and invite interested members for further deliberation of a potential working manual showcasing  “the efficacy of on the spot counselling/advising evaluation for advisers and counsellors”.


Maria Victoria MCarthy has worked as an International Student Counsellor at QUT for 22 years. Maria’s profession includes Social Work and Counselling. Maria likes seeking students’ feedback beyond counselling. She co-founded various students’ support groups; they are: East West in 2005, Post Graduate Research Students Network in 2009 and iStage (intercultural group) in 2012. In 2014, Maria also co-founded DANS Community Association Incorporated with QUT students. Maria is also a professional reflexologist and she likes incorporating her reflexology skills, and dance-theatre interests in her work as a counsellor. In her spare time, Maria enjoys gardening, social dancing, yoga and meditation.