International students’ mental health – an explorative study

Paul Lister1

1 Ministry of Education, P.O Box 1666, Wellington 6011

The health and well-being of international students in New Zealand is paramount to their academic success as well as their study and living experience in New Zealand. It is a government priority to ensure international students are adequately supported while studying here. This explorative study looks at the mental health needs and associated challenges faced by international students in New Zealand and how they are experienced by those supporting them. It is a collaborative project between the New Zealand Ministry of Education and ISANA New Zealand.  The project was conceived to investigate anecdotal stories about increasing stress and mental health challenges amongst international students. The Ministry of Education will present the findings from a small survey sent to members of ISANA New Zealand in May this year and information gathered from health insurance providers. These findings will be discussed along with possible implications on policy and practice for government agencies which work in international education, education providers, and other community and local authority groups with an interest in the well-being of international students.