Improving student sexual wellbeing – a workshop on having conversations around sexual health

Priyadi Prihaswan1, Semra Tastan

1 HIV/AIDS and Related Programs Unit, SESLHD, 301 Forbes St, Darlinghurst, 2010, Australia

The majority of students are young adults and as such are at a key developmental stage in relation to personal identity and relationships. Issues related to sexual wellbeing will have a significant negative effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of a proportion of students. If not resolved promptly and sensitively, these issues can affect both their success as learners and their participation in the broader campus life.

Specific issues which can negatively affect student wellbeing and success include:

  • prevention of unwanted pregnancy;
  • prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmissible infections (STIs), including HIV;
  • prevention of and coping with sexual assault;
  • forming and navigating relationships; and
  • exploration of sexuality and identity, including same-sex attraction.

Sexual wellbeing can be a complex topic to address in a campus context, particularly given the high proportion of people transitioning into young adulthood and independence, the diversity of life experience, cultural background and sexual orientation that exists within the student population, and the varying role-relationships which exist between staff and students.

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to explore strategies to engage with students around sexual health. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand sexual health issues affecting students.
  • Refer students to appropriate sexual health information.
  • Identify personal and organisational capacity to respond to sexual health needs of students.
  • Apply communication processes to engage students in conversations around sexual health.


Mr Priyadi Prihaswan brings over 23 years of experience in HIV and STI health promotion in Australia and Indonesia. He works at the HIV/AIDS and Related Programs Unit, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Australia. His professional experience includes: developing, implementing and evaluating HIV and STIs prevention programs reaching diverse communities utilising health promotion, behaviour change communication and community development frameworks as well as capacity building projects targeting the workforce. Priyadi has planned, facilitated and evaluated workshops with a range of topics and target audiences relating to HIV and STI health promotion in Sydney, Australia and Indonesia.