Post academic transition including re-entry

Sylvia Hooker1, Terry McGrath2

1 Massey University, PB, Palmerston North,
2 PO Box 6082, Palmerston North 4445,

This workshop focusses on how we can prepare our international students for the post academic transition including re-entry to home countries and/or the study to work to settlement in the country of study.    The international student support framework proposed by the Ministry of Education International Unit has clearly identified the need for education providers focussing some time and effort in preparing international students for their post academic transition whether it be to stay on and move to employment and settlement or return home to also seek employment and reengage with the home context, culture and community.  To prepare international students is not easy particularly when one considers the diversity within the ranks of our students and the complexities of contexts and employment and settlement opportunities they will transition into.  One size of preparation programme does not fit all consequently this workshop will draw from a range of understandings and experiences and will provide a clear overview of the areas of attention for preparing international students for their post academic transition . In addition a set of tried and proven tools will be provided that will be useful for use by student support services in any programmes they develop to prepare international students for the post academic transition.  The workshop facilitators will draw from research, the experience of others and their own experience of working with international students and seeking to provide post academic preparation.  This workshop will be practical in nature and will provide resources and stimulation to designing and implementing or even adjusting your own programme of support in this area.  The long term outcome of this workshop should mean enhanced satisfaction and connection amongst international alumni.

Workshop Facilitators: Sylvia Hooker Manager International Student Support Massey University and Terry McGrath Senior Consultant ISMNZ and Massey University Chaplain plus some involvement from their staff teams.

Sylvia in her role with international student support has extensive experience with and continuing contact with international graduates. This has led to an interest in their experiences of transition and research into and development of programmes to better prepare them.  Sylvia currently manages the international student support work for Massey University , is a past president of ISANA NZ and is frequently consulted on and involved in developments for benefitting international students